Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fabbie Finds

Hi all! It's Saturday, and you know what that means--Fabbie Finds. And you get to read a blog post on Saturday. Happy day!

Let's hop to it:

1. Blue and White Shams
Sabrina Soto via Target

Sorry...this picture should be of just the shams, but my Pin button and the Target website don't seem to get along too well. Anywho, I'm currently obsessed with blue and white; not sure if I hopped on the blue-and-white-summertime bandwagon, or if I arrived some other way, but this is definitely a popular color combo right now. I'm also going through a crisp-white-linens-on-the-bed phase, and I think these would look so nice as a little pop of color at the top of the bed, contrasted against a white headboard with a wooden border...not that I have a bed like that or anything. (As soon as I start getting along with my camera, I'll do a post on my spiffy new headboard!) As of today on the Target website, these shams or only available in King size, hence the $24.95 price tag. However, if the Standard size comes back into stock, it will not only fit my pillows, but it will be $19.99 instead. Woot.

2. Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea
Harney & Sons (available at Barnes & Noble)

Ok. I know it is SO not hot tea weather (here in good ol' Virginny, it's been hitting 95 practically everyday). However, I still say that this tea is amazing. When I hang in the nearby Barnes & Noble (note that there is NO "s" on Noble; it drives me nutso when people people say "Barnes and Nobles"), this is my drink of choice, no matter the temp. I figure everywhere around here cranks the AC like it's going out of style, so even if it's hot outside, it's usually too cold for me inside without a sweater, and I feel like a total dummy carrying around a long sleeved, heavy garment when it's hot enough to make even me sweat outside. (Note: for those who don't know me, I'm a freak of nature and am almost always cold. Seriously. My thermostat is set at 82 in my apartment right now, and I'm perfectly comfortable. Hence, hot tea in a Barnes & Noble in late June in the South).

This tea isn't cheap, but it is the definition of delicious. It's one of those teas that doesn't have any sugar in it, but it tastes sweet. It's available loose and in tea bags on the Harney and Sons website (in addition to this item, which is actually sachets), but I think it's worth the $2 for the upgrade to the tea tin, since I would totally use that for storage afterward. If I had the cash, I'd buy a bunch of different kinds just for the tins (check them out at your local B&N!). However, that's so not happening. While $8 for 20 sachets is pretty pricey, this tea is really really good, and is worth a special treat every once in a while. Besides, if you just buy a tea at B&N, you'd only buy 2.5 cups there before you hit the price for 20 tea sachets this way. So boil your own water, and think of all the moolah you're saving that way instead! (Is that enough enabling for you?)

3. Black and White Damask Throw Pillow
JoJo Designs via Amazon

In trying to break away from the blue and white obsession, I found this baby while perusing Amazon. Black and white is always a classic color combo, and combined with this classy damask pattern that's sized just right for this little back rest, this pillow is just double-trouble classy. It would look great lazing about a couch, relaxing on a bed, or even perched on an office chair to bring some cheer (and comfort) to your work space.

4. White Elephant Teapot
BIA Cordon Bleu, via Amazon or Target

Oh. Em. Gee. Is this not the most amazing teapot you've ever seen? He also has a camel friend that's rather cute, but I've always been rather partial toward elephants (guess it wasn't a very fair fight). That fact combined with the crisp white ceramic and the subtle, yet, tasteful, detailing means this guy is charming, yet not overly done. Ironically, I didn't realize that this item would also be mentioned in the same post as a favorite tea of mine, but I guess it just worked out for the better. This baby with the above tea would be l.o.v.e. (It'd be love without it too, just without the periods in between). I think you could serve anything remotely liquid-y from this little quadruped and it would instantly ooze with awesomey goodness, but you might as well put something awesome into something awesome to get awesome-squared.

5. Kitchen Towel and Potholder Set
Dwell Studio via Target

I guess I'm on a Target kick today. But this print was just too cute to pass up! This is the "Moroccan" print from the Dwell line, but they also have some other great ones available too. I love that the towels go together, yet don't remotely look like one another so that your kitchen won't be too matchy-matchy, while looking put together at the same time. While I do wish that the potholder was a second mitt, this set is still pretty sweet. I've just never been a potholder person, but if you are, that's great for you! (In fact, if you're a super potholder person, we can each buy a set, and I'll give you my potholder, and you can give me your mitt, and we'll both live matchily ever after.) Given the trend for white and lightish blues in kitchens right now, I think these guys would fit right in.

Okily dokily--that does it for this week's Fabbie Finds. Sorry I don't have a bonus item this week, but between learning the inner workings of Blogger, dabbling in some coding for widgets, setting up a YouTube Chanel, and taking an entire day to apartment-hunt in Richmond this past Thursday, I have been a little pressed for time to shop (such a hard life, I know).

What about you guys? Found any great steals lately? Recently set up a YouTube or Blogger account? Looking for a new pad (and have any tips??)? Do tell!

*Note: All pictures via the linked webpage for the featured item.
*Double Note: I was not paid or perked by any of these sellers or companies (pft, I wish they knew who I was--hah!). I just found these items myself and thought I would share them!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Video: Corner Punch Flower

Oh yes: my first video. Pretty exciting.

While pinning about on Pinterest (seriously--ten times more addictive than Facebook. Also, I'm turning "pinning" into a verb that refers to spending time on Pinterest. You saw it here first. Dibs.), I came across a pin for these cute little flowers/rosettes. After backtracking to the original source, I found out it came from the Fiskars website. Who knew? Seeing as how I didn't even know that Fiskars offered project ideas on their site, I got pretty excited. (It's obvious now that they would, but hey, hindsight is 20/20).


The project is originally by Lisa Storms, who says that she stumbled across the idea by accident. Talk about a happy accident, because these little buggers are fabuloso. While Lisa offers a nice picture tutorial, I thought it would be fun to make a video tutorial for those who are a bit more action-oriented (oh trust me--this video is jam-packed. Hah.). It's my first video, so I'm still getting used to lots of different things (lighting, editing, speeding things along, etc.), so these will hopefully improve over time. However, you can def get the gist from my new baby below. And if it's that bad, you can refer to Lisa's tutorial.

And no, you're not imagining it; there is an annoying ticking noise in the background of the video. It's my camera's autofocus. If you're thinking about getting a new video camera, beware the ticking autofocus on the Canon Vixia HFR10. Picture quality is amazing, but until I (or you) master the manual focus (which is impossible to use while also filming a craft video by yourself at your desk), it's gonna sound like there is a woodpecker going to town off in the distance of all your quiet videos. If you've got an external mic, you should be good to go though! ('Cause that's so totally in my budget right now. Not.)

I think these flowers would be great for just about anything, but I think they could especially lend themselves to holiday-time if you make them in wintery colors like light blue, silver, or gray. You could also do red and white or green and white for some seriously cute poinsettias. You can see some bright-colored versions that Lisa made on the Fiskars site, which are just as applicable for summertime fun. Simple. Cute. Versitile. Awesome. Just the way I like it.

What about you guys? Are you just as addicted to Pinterest as I am? Found any good projects that you wish there was a video for extra awesomness? Made a video yourself lately?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Advertising with mLe, ink

Interested in getting the word out to the world about you, your company, or your work? mLe, ink would love to help you out, and is now offering advertising space!

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I'm in! So what do I do now?
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