Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tips + Tricks

. : A collection of ideas:

  • Don't waste precious crafting money on pre-cut and folded note cards. Standard-sized cards are half of an 8.5x11 piece of cardstock. Just slice in half, fold, and go! It's cheaper and means that your options for card base colors are vastly increased.
  • Foam dots, squares, etc. are fun and add great depth and interest to cards! However, keep in mind that the Post Office takes thickness into account, along with height, width, and weight, when it comes to calculating your postage. This is not only something to keep in mind for yourself, but something to note if you ever make a set of cards as a gift; the last thing a card gifter would want for a card giftee is for them to be caught off guard at the Post Office or end up with their precious time-sensitive card back in their mailbox--yikes!
  • Need a strip of paper to add as an embellishment that you want to match the background of your card/scrapbook page? No problem! And no need to waste another card to chop some up! Simply use a paper cutter to slice off a thin strip from the bottom of your card and — presto magic — a perfectly matched embellishment. This would also be a good way to make a set of cards that tie in to each other; use the strips from one color to add to the second, and use the strips from the second to add to the other! Voila: a perfectly coordinated set.
  • Don’t waste time using a piece of paper as a catcher when using frequently-reached-for embossing powders or glitter. Swap that makeshift funnel for a small plastic container you would stick your leftovers in! Just dump you most-used powders inside separate containers with a spoon of some sort, and sprinkle right over the container when embossing, then dump the leftovers back inside. When you’re done, just pop the top back on; it might take up a bit more space, but it is well well worth it. (Note: got this idea from Jennifer McGuire!)
  • Under the gun? Feeling uninspired for your card layout? Try taking a peek at the Hero Arts card sketch database! There are lots of great ideas to get your creativity juices flowing again! Or, you can check out their Flickr Pool too! Lots of talented people out there to help you get inspired!

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Have an idea for a great tip or trick? Leave a comment with some sort of credit to the founder. If you’re cool enough, I just might add it to my page : )

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