Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Beauty V/Blogger/Guru Spotlight: Post 2

Alright, here is numero dos in my series of spotlight posts on the beauty v/blogger/gurus I am just loving these days! For a small intro and to read up on my first spotlight pick, head on over to the first post!

Spotlight 2: Allison Anderson (Amarixe)

Allison is a beauty video creator, blogger, and photographer. She puts clear love and care into the photos on her blog and her undergrad studies in communications shine in all her work. She always includes a really nice mix of drugstore and high end products (though she's been leaning more high end lately), and her makeup style tends to be more neutral/natural than anything else. Additionally, she includes content on items beyond just makeup, including beauty things (like skincare and hair products), as well as fashion (just here and there), household wares (like candles), and various other "lifestyle favorites." As I've already pointed out in my first post, I'm not too adventurous when it comes to makeup, so it's nice to have someone discussing products that I am naturally drawn to anyway. Plus, everything else she includes almost always seem to be things I really enjoy or think I might like. We are just very similar, which makes watching her highly enjoyable (at least for me).

Out of all the beauty peeps I follow, I think Allison is closest to me "looks wise," (and in lots of other ways) though her coloring is warmer than mine (except for the eye department, where she leans cool, and I lean warm. D'oh!). She also used to comment that her skin was pretty dry, but I haven't heard her mention that lately (maybe because it's summer), and my skin definitely leans toward the parched end of the spectrum. Her hair is naturally closer to my color, and texture wise, it is also similar in that it is quite fine (though hers holds styling way better than mine does). I find it really helpful to follow people who are similar to myself in whatever ways I can find so I can get a better sense of how products might look on me, or how my skin may react to them given what I know about the person I am watching. It's like having someone try products out for me without me having to spend money on them. Winning!

Because of the clear work and effort Allison puts into her videos and posts, she doesn't crank content out like some other people. While I wish she made more videos (yeah...I have a problem), I would rather have fewer posts and videos that include amazing lighting, wonderful editing, gorgeous photos, and professional content than the other way around. I also can't think of a specific time when I remember a video clearly being sponsored, which I really really appreciate, as I lose confidence in opinions quickly when that starts to happen regularly. (Note: it's not that I don't want these ladies to be successful; it's great when this becomes more than a hobby for these guys! It just makes it difficult to know their true opinions on products because, while they always "give their real opinion," it's magical how sponsored products just always seem to be 100% perfectly awesome without a flaw in the world. Just my opinion.)

Allison is probably my favorite guru and blogger; she is always professional, but relatable, and she comes across as a genuinely caring, kind, and well-educated chick who you'd be friends with in real life. I was devastated to read her most recent blog post where she announced her heart breaking personal family situation. My stomach really felt like it dropped to my feet when I read the post. My heart goes out to her, her mother, and her whole family; I just can't imagine what they are going through right now. Please send some good vibes their way.

Like all my spotlight peeps, I totally recommend you check her out!

What about you? Who are you crushing on these days beauty v/blogger/guru wise?