House + Home

Ahhhh, home. It's where the heart is, where you hang your hat, where your dog is, and all those other wonderful sayings out there that describe the place you get to come home to, throw on your jammies, and snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and a book. Or perhaps it's where you hang with your friends, play video games, and eat (an exorbitant amount of) pizza. Or maybe it's even where you work and play. If you're like me, it's where you do a lot of things, the most important of which is create.

To me, the place where I live should reflect who I am and how I feel (for the most part. Post bad day at work doesn't count. In that case, my home should counteract that big, bad day). In my world, that means my home should be tidy yet lived-in, fun but also relaxing, and of course full of items made with creativity and love. From curtains, to artwork, to bedding, to things that serve no other purpose besides sittin' pretty (and everything else inbetween!), this is the place to find ideas for projects that you too can put to good use in your home!

Household Care and Chores

Steaming out Carpet Dimples--for $free.99

Shout Color Catchers...they WORK!