Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Video: Corner Punch Flower

Oh yes: my first video. Pretty exciting.

While pinning about on Pinterest (seriously--ten times more addictive than Facebook. Also, I'm turning "pinning" into a verb that refers to spending time on Pinterest. You saw it here first. Dibs.), I came across a pin for these cute little flowers/rosettes. After backtracking to the original source, I found out it came from the Fiskars website. Who knew? Seeing as how I didn't even know that Fiskars offered project ideas on their site, I got pretty excited. (It's obvious now that they would, but hey, hindsight is 20/20).


The project is originally by Lisa Storms, who says that she stumbled across the idea by accident. Talk about a happy accident, because these little buggers are fabuloso. While Lisa offers a nice picture tutorial, I thought it would be fun to make a video tutorial for those who are a bit more action-oriented (oh trust me--this video is jam-packed. Hah.). It's my first video, so I'm still getting used to lots of different things (lighting, editing, speeding things along, etc.), so these will hopefully improve over time. However, you can def get the gist from my new baby below. And if it's that bad, you can refer to Lisa's tutorial.

And no, you're not imagining it; there is an annoying ticking noise in the background of the video. It's my camera's autofocus. If you're thinking about getting a new video camera, beware the ticking autofocus on the Canon Vixia HFR10. Picture quality is amazing, but until I (or you) master the manual focus (which is impossible to use while also filming a craft video by yourself at your desk), it's gonna sound like there is a woodpecker going to town off in the distance of all your quiet videos. If you've got an external mic, you should be good to go though! ('Cause that's so totally in my budget right now. Not.)

I think these flowers would be great for just about anything, but I think they could especially lend themselves to holiday-time if you make them in wintery colors like light blue, silver, or gray. You could also do red and white or green and white for some seriously cute poinsettias. You can see some bright-colored versions that Lisa made on the Fiskars site, which are just as applicable for summertime fun. Simple. Cute. Versitile. Awesome. Just the way I like it.

What about you guys? Are you just as addicted to Pinterest as I am? Found any good projects that you wish there was a video for extra awesomness? Made a video yourself lately?

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