Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Getting to Know my DSLR

Well, technically it's not's my boyfriend's. But anywho.

One of my goals for this year is to improve my photo skillz. Technology has made taking amazing photos more and more possible for the everyday public than ever before. And especially since we're in the digital world, there's no worry of wasting film, so you can screw up as many times as you want with no impact on your film stash or wallet. Score!

However, despite having potential to do awesome things, DSLR cameras are a bit...overwhelming. And while I usually am a manual girl, flipping through pages upon pages with no glossy photos to help me has proven to be ineffective for this particular venture. So I have been doing some online learnin'. And I thought I would share the most helpful resource I've found...and it may be as surprising for you as it was for me, because it's Ree Drummond. Yeah, like the woman on Food Network.

Ironically, she did not take that photo because she is in it. Moving on to her photos and helpful stuff...

It took me a while to find Ree's photography section on her website because it isn't prominent, which I still don't understand because it's AWESOMESAUCE (unintentional food pun). I'm guessing it's because she doesn't really write about photography too much anymore because she is super busy with her foodie life. However, it's still there, just not easy to find. On her website, if you scroll all the way to the bottom until you get to the tannish/yellow box, there is a column that says "PW Links." Click on "Pioneer Woman Photography," and you're there! Alternatively, you can use the Googlez, which is how I returned to this section repeatedly after finding it on Pinterest or some other blog...can't remember.

Ree's posts are awesome because they aren't too wordy or overly long, and they include pictures to break it up and demonstrate what she is talking about. Her writing style is easy and silly. The most helpful series I have found is her "What the Heck is an Aperture" series, which is a group of 4 blog posts that helped whip my brain back into shape after my high school photography class info turned to mush. I've also really enjoyed her post on Exposure Compensation, which I had never ever even heard of until I saw this post. Just these 5 blog posts have helped my photography skills take a ginormous leap forward in only a few days (but I mean...I'm no pro. Let's not get too serious here.) I totally recommend you check them out! Ree is the bomb dot com.


I'm hungry. Time for breakfast!

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