Monday, May 28, 2012

Brunch Invitations

I love the idea of brunch. I pin images on Pinterest related to brunch like it's my job. Brunch is the perfect combo of breakfast foods (fav meal of the day), dessert food (favorite non-officially-recognized meal of the day), and girlie drinks. Honestly, what's not to like about brunch?

So as my internship dies down, I was trying to come up with a way to thank the people who have helped me the most this year. I've worked with such an amazing group of people who have all helped me mature and better understand not only my profession, but also the world of education and the realities that come along with it. I wanted to thank the people who made the biggest mark on my year, and wanted to do it in a way that was fun, meaningful, genuine, and "very mLe." After throwing around a bunch of ideas with the bf, I settled on a small Sunday brunch. And how could you have a girlie brunch without invitations?

I had been dying to use some new stamps I got for Christmas, but hadn't found a way to tie into cards since one of the sets I had asked for was very "scrapbooky" and didn't lend itself well to cards. After beeboppin' around on P-ville for a while, I found a few invitations that had the overall look and feel I was going for and then went with it from there. This image was the one I liked the most that helped me design the final product:

I wanted to try and stamp out the flowers myself using different shades of ink and different "petal" sizes, but unfortunately, the craft paper I was using soaked it up far too much for the effect that I was going for. So I decided to take the leap and make a --GASP--hybrid project.

I have never made a hybrid project before. It's either been all by hand or all digital--one or the other. No mixies. But I actually really like the way they came out! The flower leaves, large text, and heavy horizontal lines are digital. The rest is stamped or handwritten.

After making the original invitation (the craft paper part), I decided to draw up some directions since navigating in and around my building can be difficult and kind of confusing. I simply slit a line at the bottom of the invitation and slipped the bottom of the directions sheet through and then let the baker's twine hold the upper portion in place. It's not super sturdy, but I'm not exactly planning on using these to support my weight while skydiving. I liked the 3-dimensional idea so much that I went back in with my craft knife and raised up the flower leaves for more dimension and texture. It only took about a minute per invitation and I think it added a really nice final touch!

I'm finalizing the menu and definitely utilizing Pinterest to help me. I'll share ideas as I go!

The stamps I used are from Ali Edwards "Today You" set, and the large vellum flower is from Hero Arts. The butterfly punch is Martha Stewart.

What about you guys...are you as enamored of brunch as I am? Sigh. I love brunch.

Note: Gray/Black invitation image found here.

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