Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Video Review: The Pippa

I have certainly never done a video review before, but I decided to give it a go. This video is pretty long (about 19 minutes), as I haven't gotten to the point to learn what to cut out and what to leave in (it's much easier when it comes to written stuff...but I've had a lot of practice doing that, so hopefully this will get easier over time). I'm still learning the ropes of iMovie as I go, but I think I managed to come up with something that can answer peoples' questions about the Pippa!

It's a little nerve-wracking to purchase something that's $250 without getting to see, touch, and hold it in person first. I found a few reviews, both written and video, that were helpful, but they didn't really gather everything into one place. So I decided to have a go at a Vlog review! Like I say on my fashion page, and like I said above, I'm no fashionista and I'm certainly not a video-editing pro. But it was fun, and I'd love to hear feedback on what things to cut out, what people like, etc.

I do have one disclaimer: my lovely Canon Vixia HFR10 is a great camera, shoots awesome footage (especially in daylight), and is very user friendly for a beginner videographer (if you can call me that) like myself. However, the internal microphone picks up a subtle clicking noise within the camera that I have since learned is the auto focus. So excuse the clickity-clack chatter in the background, but sadly I have no external mic which is the only remedy I have come across!

Since the video is a bit long, here is a general breakdown of certain parts so you can skip to certain sections if you'd like!

  • Intro and Background: 0:00
  • Purchasing the Pippa in North America and the "Database": 1:25
  • Packaging: 3:05
  • Pricing: 4:10
  • General Overview and Description: 6:15
  • Sizing Comparisons: 11:05
  • Leather (Color, Feel, and Texture): 13:00
  • Some Nice Details: 14:25
  • Carrying and Storage Options: 15:20
  • Closing: 18:25

As a second caveat...after embedding this in my blog, I have no idea what on earth YouTube did to the lighting in my video; before and after each scene it gets really dark. That's certainly not showing in my editing on iMovie--sorry for the techno effects! Live and learn!

If you have any specific questions about the bag, I'd be more than happy to help if I can--feel free to leave a comment :)


  1. I live in the US, but heard they were selling this bag at Town Shoes as well. Like you, I experienced THE WORST customer service. A friend who lives in Canada actually ended up purchasing it for me and got it yesterday. I was just wondering if the name plate on the front of the bag had any protection over it like one of those plastic seals.

    1. Hi Mary!
      Sorry for the delay--yes, the plate comes with a protective clear plastic sticker. Mine was pristine!

  2. Sorry for asking so many questions, but aside from paying the $235 and the $20 for shipping, was there anything similar to a state tax like we'd have in the US?

    1. Hi again!
      I didn't have any additional charges, but that may be attributed to the credit card I used, which waves currency conversion fees. There were no other charges on my statement that I received either that could be attributed to taxes or the like (though it took a while to go through...thought they may have been disorganized enough to forget to charge me!) In fact, it ended up costing $1 less than the price of the bag and the $20, so the exchange rate was in my favor that day! Hope that helps!