Monday, March 5, 2012


Ok, long time no see. I've been trying to figure out some stuff like how to making blogging easier for myself as far as pictures/images go. I do tons of projects, take tons of pictures, and then don't get any further because I find editing, uploading, and physically writing around images SO tedious. So I'm researching new methods to see what I can do to get around this block! A quick search shows that there are third-party apps that may be able to help me with this...?

In the meantime, the blog is getting a makeover. I love my new logo and I'm a huge fan of the new colors and look in general. However...I somehow disabled my tab box and you can't toggle from one to another now, so...I've been trying to figure that out and it's FRUSTRATING. Computer, why don't you speak English? Oy!

To sum up, I'll hopefully be up and running soon. My certification exam is this weekend, so after that's done, I can breath a sigh of relief before freaking out in about a month while I look for jobs that aren't there yet :)

Happy creating :)

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